About Us

G.C.I., Inc. (originally Gulf Coast Industrial Equipment Company) was established in 1984 by John Godso as the Duriron distributer for Durco pumps, seals, and valves in the Southeast.

To create a full service business concentrated on meeting the needs of his customers, Mr. Godso began to seek out distributorships that would provide the products and services industry professionals required. GCI’s current list of manufacturers is a reflection of his legacy. In 2010, Mr. Godso decided to sell the business and in 2012, Janie and Barry Bond became sole owners.

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The Bond’s are committed to retaining the passion and commitment for quality products and superior customer service that GCI exemplified. Building upon the foundations of the past, the Bond’s are equally committed to establishing their own vision and personality within GCI to create a stronger, more successful company that operates at the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

Already, the Bond’s have implemented new operating practices and upgraded integrated information technologies that have improved business efficiency. A new sales force that is committed to business growth and the Bond’s vision for the future has been hired. Existing partnerships with manufacturers and customers are being strengthened, opportunities to add quality products are being realized, and new clients are being added.

Focusing on the reliability centered needs of our clients with a fresh business philosophy instills optimism within the staff of GCI for a bright, successful future.