BaseTek, LLC, founded in 2001, specializes in the design and build of proven polymer composite castings and filled weldments for a broad range of industries, such as the machine tool, semi-conductor, construction services, inspection devices and rotating equipment industry.

We are proud to be the market leader in polymer concrete baseplates for the pump industry with same day shipments for many products out of our stock of over 150+ baseplates.

Bases are manufactured of Zanite®, a proprietary polymer concrete material which is a blend of pure silicon dioxide, ceramic quartz aggregate and high strength epoxy resins.

BaseTek bases deliver a solid, unmatched surface flatness, and provide increased physical properties that surpass lower grade vinyl ester composites and fiberglass. They are corrosion resistant and offer higher tensile, flexural, and compression strength than vinyl ester.

Our Zanite® is continually enhanced and tested to insure BaseTek is associated with the best materials on the market today. Our properties are randomly tested for full compliance and exceed all published specifications.


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