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GCI was established in 1984 as the Duriron distributor for the Gulf South. Today, GCI focuses on finding cost effective solutions for reliability and maintenance professionals through quality products and superior customer service.

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Oil and Gas 

As the demand for oil and gas grows, so do the demands placed on the equipment operating in this industry. In an industry with a high cost of downtime, companies need to optimize their equipment to remain competitive.

 Chemical 20Processing  

 Chemical Processing

Safety and equipment reliability are two primary concerns in chemical processing. Equipment failure is one of the leading causes of downtime and lost production.


Pulp and Paper

With intense competition in the paper industry, companies need to increase the uptime of their equipment and avoid unnecessary production costs from inadequate lubrication and premature equipment failure.


Power Generation

Premature and unnecessary equipment failure can contribute to downtime, maintenance headaches along with labor, safety and environmental concerns in the power generation industry.



Safety and equipment reliability are two critical concerns in the mining industry. With the high costs associated with downtime, it's more important than ever to minimize unplanned maintenance.

Primary 20Metals  

Primary Metals

Extreme temperatures and contamination in smelting and steelmaking create a challenging environment for rotating equipment in this industry.






The food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries are some of the most highly regulated and face unique challenges surrounding safe and hygienic processing.